FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you really write your own music?

A: Yup! I pride myself on it. A lot of singers don't write...a lot of writers don't sing. I do both. When the content is of my own experience and imagination, it makes performing the songs more personal. I like to be involved in the entire process of creating music.

Q: When did you first discover your love of music?

A: Many moons ago. I grew up in a household where I was surrounded by all different types of music: jazz, polka, pop, broadway, etc. I loved The Little Mermaid. I think my dad may still have a tape of me singing "Part of Your World" at the ripe old age of two. As a youngster, I did a lot of musical theater. I've never shied from the limelight. I live for the roar of the crowd.

Q: What's with the quotes located randomly throughout the website?

A: The quotes are lyrics from my songs. Bonus points to you if you can identify which quotes come from which songs.

Q: Who are your musical influences?

A: Ray Charles, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Elton John, P!nk, No Doubt, Green Day, The Doors, Queen, Mariah Carey, and anyone else who has created a song that's given me goose bumbs.

Q: Why don't you try out for American Idol or The Voice?

A: Without a doubt, I get asked this question every single day. For now, I'm making waves in the industry on my own. Maybe one day in the future! I can whip out some mean cover songs if need be!

Q: What is the #OneMinuteSong Project?

A: I started the #OneMinuteSong Project on September 1, 2011. I wanted to do something unique and interesting that had never before been done. Everyday, for two years, I asked fans on my social networking sites to submit song topic ideas. The topics can be current events, serious or completely off-the-wall and strange. I then chose my favorite topic of the day and wrote and recorded myself singing a one minute a cappella song about said topic. It was really fun and gave me a chance to write/sing about things I never would in my usual music. Furthermore, it gave me a unique way to interact with fans. I stopped the #OneMinuteSong Project after two years because I didn't want it distracting listeners and viewers from my professional recordings, as these were just freestyles I created in random locales such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Big thanks to everyone who watched and submitted topics, as some videos from the project garnered more than 30,000 views each! Don't worry, I still have them all archived!

Videos from the #OneMinuteSong Project have been featured in/on:
  • Inside Edition
  • The Huffington Post
  • The New York Post
  • The Detroit Free Press
  • WXYZ Action News
  • The Ford Lions Report Live
  • ILPVideo
  • HoopsHype
Other noted television shows, websites and news outlets

Q: You are a singer/songwriter by trade...yet you seem to be really into sports. What gives??

A: I love singing, writing and performing music. Music is my ultimate passion. However, I am also OBSESSED with sports. It's the Gemini in me...split personality. I love Rolling Stone and Slam. I adore Sportscenter and MTV Hits. I like to talk Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. It's the best of both worlds. That's why singing the national anthem at various so sporting events is such an honor to me!

Q: Do you have a favorite genre of music? Favorite Teams?

A: I can truly say that I am a lover of all types of music. In my opinion, music is all about conveying emotion. As long as it can make you "feel"... whether it's excited, sad, sexy, angry, or whatever... it's a quality song. I'm not a bandwagon fan. I stick with my teams through the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. I'm a Detroit girl...so my teams are, of course, the Pistons, the Tigers, the Lions and the Red Wings. I also enjoy NCAA bball and football. Obscure sports are fun for lazy afternoons. Who doesn't like to watch a good trick-shot pool competition?

Q: Are you biased towards your favorite teams?

A: Umm... yes?

Q: How many jerseys do you own?

A: 18.

Q: If you could change one thing in the world of pro-sports, what would you change?

A: I would make more plays reviewable in the NBA and MLB, especially strike/ball calls. Too many non-reviewable bad calls have cost teams important games.

Q: Are you single?

A: You can't tame a wild heart.