#OneMinuteSong Project

I started the #OneMinuteSong Project on September 1, 2011. I wanted to do something unique and interesting that had never before been done. Everyday for two years, I asked fans on my social networking sites to submit song topic ideas. The topics ranged from current events, serious or completely off-the-wall and strange. I then chose my favorite topic of the day and wrote and recorded myself singing a one minute a cappella song about said topic. It was super fun and gave me a chance to write/sing about things I never would in my usual music. Furthermore, it gave me a unique way to interact with fans. The project went for 731 days, two solid years, ending on August 31, 2013. Rain, shine, sickness, health, traveling to other countries and more--EVERY SINGLE DAY, I recorded an original song and uploaded it without missing a day. It was a fun and very enjoyable to show off my goofy and creative side! I decided to end the Project after two years because I didn't want the topics to become repetitive...and I also wanted the focus to remain on my REAL music.

Videos from the #OneMinuteSong Project have been featured in/on: Inside Edition, The Huffington Post, The New York Post, The Detroit Free Press, WXYZ Action News, WJBK Fox News, The Ford Lions Report, Hoopshype, ILPVideo, and other noted television shows, websites, and news outlets.


The tagline: "You suggest topics. I write songs. EVERYDAY."

A huge thanks to everyone who watched and submitted #OneMinuteSong topics via:

Stephanie has since removed the #OneMinuteSong Project and its 731 videos from her YouTube page. As a professional recording artist, she decided that the presence of these videos on the internet was distracting listeners and fans. The videos, which she free-styled in random locales such as bedrooms and bathrooms, are not a proper reflection of her music, voice and writing ability. But don't worry, she has all the videos archived!

Some videos from the #OneMinuteSong Project garnered more than 25,000 views each! Popular entries included: #2, "Taco Truck", #50: "Girls Who Say Annoying Things to Their Boyfriends", #236: "The Metta World Peace Elbow", #567: "Lululemon's See-Through Yoga Pants", #597: "Wearing a Diaper", #643: "Getting a Spanking as an Adult", #651: Taking Off Your Socks Without Your Hands", #708: Mooning Cars on the Highway", and #719: "Being Pantsed".

Thanks again to all who helped make the #OneMinuteSong Project a successful venture!