If you are interested in submitting a topic(s) for a "One Minute Song" idea, it is agreed understood, prior to doing so, that the "One Minute Song" idea was created by singer/songwriter Stephanie K as a way to entertain and connect with her fans around the world. Because of that, all "One Minute Song" creations written and performed by Stephanie K, whether they were created as a result of topics conceived by Stephanie K, or are songs based upon topic suggestions from the general public, are all the complete ownership of Stephanie K, and may not be broadcast, duplicated, performed or re-recorded, in any way, without the written consent of Stephanie K. Further, any member of the general public who wishes to suggest a "One Minute Song" topic, is in no way entitled to, nor will they receive, any compensation, profit sharing, and/or ownership of a "One Minute Song" whose topic may have been derived by a suggestion by you or anyone else from the general public. If you are a member of the general public who wishes to make a suggestion for a "One Minute Song" topic, you are welcome to do so, however, prior to doing so you understand and agree that you are doing so of your own free will, that you have not be requested to do so by Stephanie K with the promise of any form compensation, and that you are doing so without any request or expectation of compensation of any kind.

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